This page contains short movies of time development of air showers. One group shows charged partile tracks and the other the shower front of charged particles (those in about 70 nsec bin). Note: The movie is not a stream so it is generally better to downlaod it first and watch it outside of the web browser. The players you can use may be as follows: Generally mov format has best quality but has the largest size. mp4 and avi have comparable size but generally avi is smaller(?). The quality is also comparable but sometimes avi is better. The smooth movies below were created by making many frames at first and converting it to movies. Some flickering ones are made by capturing real time movies. 29.97 or 15 below means the frames /sec. Geomview was used to make 3D images. Each movie, generally, has different back ground music.
The track color indicates:
blue---negative muon
thin blue---positive muon
brown---heavy iron
Time development of an air shower tracks (Carbon 600 TeV). The shower is too large for movie while it looks not so much different from smaller energy ones. To make 1700 frames for a track image movie, 12 hours are needed by 1.2 GHz machine (even after eliminating many tracks in the centeral region). Making the same amount of frames for a shower front movie is much easier and takes only some 15 min or so. The raw trace data file size was 6.7GB which we slice at 1700 different times to make 1.3 GB files.; too huge. Sorry)
To include Titles etc (or transitons) of some quality, we must use other movie softwares; in this case, iMovie was used. Unfortunately, it degraded the movie quality while the size was increased. Audio level is too high. by iMoview(286MB. Oh my god !)
C12-600TeV-29.97.mp4. by iMoview(5MB. Why so small!)
C12-600TeV-29.97.avi. by iMoview(28MB.) Audio at the last part is broken Cover your ears!
Time development of an air shower front (Carbon 600 TeV).; big !)
C12-600TeV-29.97.mp4(2.2MB. why so small? Quality is too poor !)
The same event as above but with double spot size. Audio level may be too high.; big !)
Shower front with too big spot size (No BGM).
Time development of an air shower (He 200 TeV)
Movies made by capturing real time movie scene. Frame rate unknown (changes). It is possible only if energy is small; qualty is naturally poor.

The procedure to make a movie from frames is as follows.
Make a snapshot of each frame to make a ppm format image which is converted to jpeg. Jpge's are made to be a movie.
If frames move fast, we can capture the scene and can make a movie directly.